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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Trip to Kawah Putih Bandung

Assalamualaikum Beautiful ? How are you ? I wish you a good health.^_^

This is my first post written in English, well, besides my short introduction. :)
I want this article can be read by international tourist for the reason by reading this post, they will come to my beautiful country Indonesia, to bandung by exact, to see the beauty of Kawah Putih by their own eyes.
Will it be you? yes? I hope you will. :))

However, firstly, before I continue to write about Kawah Putih. I kindly, apologize for two things. :). First, for any grammatical error written in this post and second one is for putting lots of narcissist photos of me. Hahaha..

Trip to Kawah Putih. Well, i can't remember how many times I've visited Bandung. Since the day I can remember, my family and I went to Bandung many times, by car or by train, I also always visited my sister who took her Bachelor degree in University in Bandung. I try to name the place in Bandung I haven't visited yet. I think I almost visited all. However, there's always new attractive places in Bandung, either restaurant or entertainment place. So, when my husband and I planned to have a new year holiday in Bandung, I was excited but confused because we thought the traffic in central Bandung will be insane. We will stay at the Harris Hotel Citylink, which is directly next to the mall. But, I didn't want to spend my time for shopping at the mall or at the factory outlet in my last day of 2014 :)) So, I was confused..

But, then I think, well, I never go to Kawah Putih. Oh my god, where have you've been, Witha? Hahaha..
Because of Kawah Putih is located at Ciwidey area, which hhmm, in my opinion, quite far from Bandung.
Therefore, that’s the reason why I never visited Kawah Putih. :)) #alesaan
We departed from Jakarta at 6.30am, Alhamdulillah , the traffic to Bandung was smooth. At 9am we already arrived in Ciwidey area. Kawah Putih located about 50km from South Bandung, West Java. Do you know the quote? “When there is a will, there is a way?”, at before I think the 50km is far but the truth, I didn’t felt far at all. I just enjoy the scenery, looking at villas or some cute houses on the way to Kawah Putih, when I realized, voila! There was a sign "Welcome to Kawah Putih". Yayy!!

But wait before I tell the story about Kawah Putih. At ciwidey area, we were starving since we had breakfast only with a slice of bread. So, we stop by at the restaurant named “ Flamingo”. The restaurant has direct view to the rice fields. The view was very nice. Here are the pictures :
Flamingo's Balcony

View to the rice fields

Stepping stone to flamingo

Can’t wait any longer, we asked for the menu. I ordered Grilled rice package, consist of : grilled rice, fried chicken, fried tofu, fried tempe, salty fish, cracker and  sambal (Indonesian traditional ketchup) with hot orange for drinks. My husband ordered ayam rica-rica (Indonesia's traditional chili chicken) and hot tea. What about the price? The grilled rice was only IDR.22,000 and the chili chicken was only IDR.20,000.
 In the condition of starving supported by cold weather the food was so delicious. Yummmyy..

Yummy grilled rice wrapped on leaf

Our food

Indonesia's traditional chili chicken

Okay, back to the kawah putih. There are two choices to get to the Kawah Putih area from the front gate. You can go with the public transportation-shuttle mini bus or drive your own car. The entrance fee per person is IDR.18,000. If you choose to drive with your own car you have to add IDR.150,000. We chose to use our own car, so we paid IDR.186,000. Tickets are issued by Perhutani staff and include insurance while at the location.

To reach the lake from the entry gate proceeding along a 5km access road, around 20minutes driving.  The roads continue to scale, so there were some street signs tell us to set aside if our car not able to scale.  In my opinion, the streets need to be wider. Sometimes I feel scared if another car comes from the opposite side. Also there were no street marks for divider.    
Green forest

Bumpy roads

However, all the bumpy roads paid with the amazing view of the Kawah Putih.  The smell of sulfur is strong because there is a good deal of steam and sulfurous gas bubbling from the lake. There are many masks seller and I bought two for my hubby and I. But we didn’t use it at all. The smell cause no problem for us. There are tracks around the lake and through the nearby forest including to the peak of Mt Patuha. Visitors can walk around the crater area or sit in the various shelters. Suddenly, many visitors taking selfie, including me of course hahaha.. There were also many couples wearing matching outfit taking photos. I think, they are making prewedding photos. If you not brought a camera, do not worry, there were also many instant photographers, offering their service. 

So, Enjoy the pictures of the amazing Kawah Putih. :))

Stairs to go down to the lake

At the front
Me ^_^

Hubby and I

Me again ^_^

Beautiful sky

The amazing kawah putih

The rocks.. can you see the sulfur?

Beautiful sky

All the trees


Still, me again ^_^

Love it!

Beautiful Lake

Beautiful Indonesia
My shoes among the sulfur
 Okay readers, thank you for reading my trip to Kawah Putih. Definitely coming back. In syaa ALLAH ^_^



  1. It's so beautiful, Witha. I haven't got a chance to go there. I hope we can make some time to go there and take welfie in such beautiful view of the lake

    1. Amiin, hope you can go there Mia, with your good photography skill the view will be better captured. ☺

  2. whoaaa... such a beautiful view. u r not alone. i never had the opportunity to go there also. u make me wanna see the lake. thanks for sharing witha..

    1. Yes because my hubby already visited it three times ☺ u're welcome Ayu ☺

  3. Woow...fotonya cantik-cantik secantik orangnya. Kapan ya bisa berkunjung ke kawah putih? Belum pernah euy..

    1. Wah terimakasih mba, iya mba akupun br sempat kmrn itu ☺

  4. Really a beautiful place, i hope my dream go to bandung will terlaksana hehehehe aamiin..mak terlaksana bhs inggrisnya apa??hehehe.
    salam kenal ^^

    1. Hehehe.. bisa pakai realized atau achieved Mak.. mari berkunjung ke kawah putih ☺

  5. Eally really beautiful place! ^^ And the foods look so delicious :D
    I haven't travelled to the mountain or kawah yet. :(

    1. Yes the food was so delish ☺it's okay, that's my first time also.

  6. Mba Withaaa Kawah Putih bagus banget yaaaa
    Makanannya bikin ngiler >_<
    Aku juga suka posting bahasa Inggris supaya bisa dibaca bule (terutama cerita perjalanan di Indonesia heheheee) :D

  7. Hai tia, iya bagus banget kawah putih nya cakepp , hihihi iya ini supaya bule2 bisa ngerti siapa tau mereka baca :D

  8. mbak witha, wahh dari dulu juga kepengen tuh ke kawah putih tapi blm sempet2.. kira2 kalo bawa baby, baby friendly ga ya tempatnya? atau terlalu bahaya utk baby?

  9. Baby friendly ko, gpp asal pakai jaket n kaos kaki ya soalnya dingin, kalau bisa sewa penginapan/hotel di sekitar ciwidey juga spy ga tlalu jauh dan capek ke kawah putih pulang perginya ☺

  10. Baguus yaa kawah putih.. Tp aku jaraaaang banget ngeBandung.. Agak susah ngebujuk suami utk ikutan bermacetan ria kesana hehehe

  11. Ayuk Bundo, ajak suami pas ga lg long weekend ☺

  12. I was quite lucky, have been there before they charged high entrance fee. It was still very cheap at the time. Since the fee for personal cars drastically increase, then I'm a bit reluctant coming again :D But yes, despite the road condition, I've to admit the scenery is soooo lovely ;).. Hoping that the high fee is also used to repair so many bumpy and holey roads going there.

  13. Lucky you.. regarding the roads, i absolutely agree with you ^^

  14. So many beautiful pictures you've captured there. I'm going over soon and bringing my 3 months old daughter. Do you think it's ok as i heard the sulfur smell is strong.

  15. I think it's not too save for 3months baby, better not.

  16. Nice blog write up...
    would you be able to give some directions on the location of the Flamingo restaurant?


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